Sunday, December 30, 2012

for the kids! (choc.chip.cookie.dough.truffles)

well, tomorrow is officially the last day for 2012! another year has gone by, i have always noticed just how time flies, so very fast! (it is also, officially a full three months of unemployment bliss! .... uhmmm ... no?!)

so, agreeing to visit a longtime family friend, whose kids are growing into beautiful gurls, i decided to make chocolate chip cookie dough. a few changes though, since most of the chocolate that is bought from the store is dark chocolate, i tempered the dark chocolate over warm cream, and let the dark chocolate melt with continuous stirring, it makes the dark chocolate a little sweeter (i skipped adding sugar in the melted choc.) of course, you decide how much cream you want (if you're choosing to do the same).


the changes i made was simply to temper the dark chocolate in warm cream (melting the chocolate in warm cream with continuous stirring) the cream was heated in a pot to a boil (do not burn the cream) - for the finishing, some of the truffles were topped with toasted coconuts, almonds, pistachios and some were plain since the kids aren't that fond of too much crunch, then after chilling, i'll put them into tiny pastry cups.

hopefully, the chocolate is sweet enough for the kids, we'll know tomorrow, so, i guess it is just appropriate to say, that ... till ... next year then!

happy happy new years everyone!