Friday, January 4, 2013

happy new years! (citrus.ricotta.muffins)

well, its 2013! another year ahead, that's another 365 days (or less ...), btw, the truffles were too sweet ... and did not really involve any baking (and so, not really that good for my friends' kids, although the adults had some) and yes, the two ghurls are growing so fast, the eldest is turning out to be quite the lady at age six, the youngest btw is a fast learner at just a year and a half she can copy some of what we were doing (taught them to paint, draw and did some spelling review too).

so, for 2013, i'd have to choose to learn baking healthier recipes instead, how's this for a start, citrus ricotta muffins.

just a few tweaks, lessen the sugar by half and used olive oil (instead), and added a little bit more lemon zest and lemon juice (i can taste the lemons!) ... (and oh ...) used a different container (instead of using a muffin tray).

in order to transfer the whole bundt-crumble into a plate, simply put a dish on top of the baking bowl, turned the baking bowl upside down (the bundt-crumble will fall into the dish) so the bundt should be upside down (bottom of bundt facing up) at this point, put another dish on top of the bottom of the bundt and turn-over again - taddaa! and do some minor touch-ups on the streusel (a sprinkle there, a sprinkle here etc.).

so far, it did not burn and its not too sweet, the lemon is more evident.