Monday, February 25, 2013

days (

it is frustrating when wrong information is disseminated on a public information system which society has deemed "reliable" and then when a correction is requested, the representative (of that company/system) cannot even provide a timeline of how long the customer will be receiving an update, correspondence and confirmation that the correction has been made and to note that the customer cannot coordinate with a person. what makes it worse, is that (at least with my experience this morning) all that is uttered by the representative is "sorry that you cannot locate the form" (instead of providing the immediate direct link to the form itself). it is either terrible customer service training and/or management or simply a bad attitude (anyway, the form got sent into the system, and still no confirmation email). that is how today started.

and then there are some few good situations, right now, some really very few good ones, one of them is learning to bake. this cake turned out moist, it took a little longer for me to bake though, around 40-45 minutes.

i made some changes when i baked this coffee cake.

- lessened the sugar
- used 1/4 cup light brown sugar on the (topping/crumble) instead of cream cheese
- used homemade mixed-berry (preserves) as the topping over the crumble (instead of raspberry jam)

mixed-berry preserves: ( i used this berry preserve as the topping in-between the crumble)

- 1/4 cup black berries                        
- 1/4 cup blue berries
- 1/4 cup raspberries
- 1 tbsp lemon juice (add more if you prefer more acidity)
- 1 tbsp granulated sugar (add more if you prefer more sweet)

a. slightly mash all berries into a pot (don't puree, unless you want the mixture to be fine)
b. pour in the lemon juice and sugar (mix together)
c. boil the berry mixture in the pot (5-10 minutes) depending how reduced you would like your jam to be
d. let it cool down (chill if need be) the jam/preserves should thicken when it cools down.