Tuesday, February 26, 2013

not much (coconut.berry.bread)

"not much" ... i stumbled on this motivating recipe blog around three weeks ago, this gurl, literally had no oven or baking ware and yet, her recipe is a really scrumptious pastry bread. i would say (pertaining to baking) if pastries, breads, menus of today are mainly based on those from before, where hi-tech gadgets were really not yet built, then it is very possible to bake just as good (or cook). i'd like to say, if there's "not much" it is still possible to make something good (and on rare occasions) something really really good (i'd like to say, same goes with life too, what do you think?).


for this one, i made some few changes, by reducing the sugar, and instead of using chocolate, i decided to use berry preserves (click on this link and scroll down for the berry preserve recipe).

i decided to layer this coconut bread, after mixing the batter, pour in a portion of the batter into your baking dish, then top with your berry preserve/jam, the cover with the remaining batter, then top again with the berry preserve/jam, i gave the top layer a bit of "swirl"   =)

and it turned out just really good. just to mention, i don't have a rectangular baking dish, so i use a baking bowl instead, so, for this one, its cylindrical.

well, not much to say really, her blog explains it all Baking and Mistaking : Marbled Coconut Bread. as for me, there a lot more recipes to learn.